Once upon a time…..


I wasn’t always broke. Before I started cycling I had a savings account and money in the bank. I paid my bills before the due date and in full. What happened? I fell in love with cycling…

It didn’t happen overnight. I started taking the old Schwinn out to neighborhood parks and discovered the bike lanes and greenways. I started getting thin and looking great in my clothes. I looked forward to spending more time perspiring on my bike. Life was awesome!

The old Schwinn started to get less responsive and needed maintenance. It was heavy and bulky, old and tired, and I was done with it. I went out and bought a Cannondale Hybrid bike with a sport credit account that I opened that had interest free financing for 18 months. I honestly thought that was more than enough time but  I’ll get into all that soon enough…… While out on said hybrid I met an old dude with a fancy road bike that did a couple miles with me. It was nice to have some company. He told me about his bike club out on Long Island. That sounded like fun…..

While Still financing the hybrid bike, I went and bought my first road bike. It was a little after that that I officially became a BrokeLadyCyclist!

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