The Wonders of Spring



Spring has begun.  The days are beginning to linger without the threat of a premature night. I enjoy the beautiful song of the birds up above and all around me as I bask in the joy of an evening ride.  

The grass is green and, the trees that have been barren for far too long, are springing into life.  The cherry blossoms have begun to cast their aura of beauty to the shadows on the ground.  I wish that this very moment could go on forever, for this is why I ride.

I breathe in the warm air as the sun shines upon my sweat glistened skin.  I feel the tension of the day releasing as I delve into this magical world of sights, smells, and sensations.  I feel the excitement of the season wash over me as I hear the rustle of life in the leaves.  It’s at this moment that I realize that life itself is an amazing ride.

Life is a miracle. Live for today with love in your heart and awe in your eyes.  As for me I will always pray for yet another ride.


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