My First Group Ride


Thank you all for reading, you’re all so kind! I will now tell u the tale of my first group ride…….

It was a nice day in April when I showed up at the lot.  I pulled into the spot beside my cycling mentor.  He took me for a ride the week prior just after I bought my new road bike.  We did 27 miles which was an all time high and he said I’d be fine to go along for a longer ride.  He knew I knew nothing of cycling nutrition so he handed a few things to me that I would need.  I got a bottle filled with sport drink, a couple gels, a hand pump, and a brand new mirror.

He introduced me to the leader as he wouldn’t be there as he rides with the faster guys.  All the riders in my group were all really nice.  They checked in on me from time to time to make sure I was fine.  I enjoyed the shocked look on this poor guy’s face when I told him my crotch was on fire (my new saddle on my new bike was not the one for me).  To be fair he asked how I was feeling…..

I was in awe of the things all around me. I had no idea that Long Island was this pretty. There was so much space and even horses. We passed by the water which was absolutely gorgeous. This place was like magic and the ride leader was quite the magician. I realized then that riding in Queens is really not riding…..

It was some time later that I learned that these nice people had some laughs at my expense.  I didn’t come in cycling specific clothing. I wore a running capri, a running top, and sneakers. I also didn’t get the memo about not wearing undies with your chamois!

Little did they know that this girl without shame would show up as their weekly companion. This sneaker clad vixen would show up regularly to dust them on hills as she smiled.

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