This Past Weekend


It’s Monday and I’m not looking forward to yet another work week but let’s face it, Zipps don’t buy themselves!

I know what ur thinking….. How’s someone this broke going out and getting new wheels? I follow the advice an elderly lady gave me long ago. She asked me if I travel. I told her I didn’t. She asked me if it was because of money. I told her it was. She said “Travel, put it on a credit card. You’re going to die paying it anyway. When you get to be my age, you have plenty of money, but are too tired to leave your hotel room. Anything you need, put it on a credit card”. That nice old lady made sense…..

When you get dropped on enough (every) group rides, you can get a little discouraged. The way to get stronger is to ride with people that are stronger than you, but, you need the right tools (unless you’re an incredibly strong cyclist). Soon I’ll get into when I got the Specialized, but for now I’ll tell you how much I love my brand new wheels.

This was my first weekend with my upgraded wheels. I picked my bike up from the shop on Thursday. I planned on taking it to the Jones Beach bike path but it was windy so I did a solo road ride on my other bike instead. Saturday was the first time riding with them and, man, did I fly! I was able to stay with the group in most of the places I normally get dropped, comfortably, without putting out too much power. I was also able to get up the hills a bit faster. It felt like I was on a completely different bike!

Without struggling so much, I was able to do more socializing on the ride.  I had so much more fun. I was having fun before the upgrade but now I’m fully enjoying the group ride.  All in all I had an amazing weekend with some of the best people you could ride with and I’m already thinking of the next one.

I’m not telling you what to do but if you fall in love with something and can’t really afford it, think of my old lady. As long as you have the credit, it’s healthy, and it’ll bring joy into your life then go for it!

2 thoughts on “This Past Weekend

  1. Brokers- great photo, shows your attitude towards life. The old man says: You can never eat enough ice cream! Roll with it Baby!


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