Bloopers & Blunders



During my first few months on the road, I’ve made lots of minor rookie mistakes.  Have a few laughs on me with some pretty epic fails…….

My first few times with cycling shoes and pedals went fairly well. The thing that I had the most trouble with was my saddle height.  I used to stop while still in the saddle rather than getting out of the saddle to stop.  One day, while riding in Queens I stopped at a light.  I wound up tipping over and falling under my bike.  My cleat got stuck in a spoke and I couldn’t get it out.  A really nice older guy came to my rescue.  I thanked him and pedaled away quickly, clearly ashamed.

I didn’t know that sand was a road cyclist’s kryptonite. I was on a group ride and we were leaving a park at a stop.  There was sand at a turn and I wiped out.  I went down slowly, dying of laughter. I tried holding onto a fence.  I wound up on my side in the sand. I eventually got up after we all had our laugh.  There would be more laughs when I explained to the shop how sand got all over the chain they had to clean out. 

Another sandy moment was when I was pedaling along a greenway in Brooklyn.  I was about to pass a sandy mound when, at the last moment, someone passed in front of me and I had no choice but to bike through it. As I was going down I reached out for the old man that was walking next to me with his wife.  I grabbed onto him and broke my fall.  I was very embarrassed. He was very sweet about it saying he’s always there to help a lady in need.

On the group ride in Greenwich, CT we stopped at a light.  I was leaning to the left to stop but I tipped to the right instead.  The guy next to me moved out of the way instead of reaching a hand out to steady me.  At the last moment I unclipped my right foot and stayed upright.  I yelled at him saying he’s a bastard because his first instinct was to get out of the way rather than help (he’s actually one of the nicest guys you could know).

Its not cycling related but I was on the treadmill at the gym on a rainy day.  I stopped and saved my run on my watch. I completely forgot I didn’t stop the treadmill.  As I stepped back on sideways to get off I started to go down but, after a few slick moves, I caught myself from falling.  There were people behind me on other equipment that saw the whole thing.

I probably could name a few more incidents but I’m not gonna share every embarrassing moment! 


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