This Past weekend (Mother’s Day Weekend)


First, I’d like to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope you all had an amazing weekend.  Thank you all for reading, I appreciate your support!

This past weekend was great!  I took my upgraded bike out on the Jones Beach bike path for the first time on Friday evening.  It was my second time flying solo on the path but it was my first time with this bike, Lita.  I went to the path because the weekend weather was looking iffy and I really wanted to spend time with Lita.  We don’t really spend much time alone, Lita comes out with me on the group rides.

It was the third ride with the new wheels, I’m still getting a feel for them.  I wanted to see what she can do without ruining my legs in case the weather forecast improved.  I had a blast!  I wound up doing 3 CCP loops before the path and 2 more loops after the path.  All in all it was 22 miles.  I would up averaging 18.5mph with an average cadence of 86rpm and and average power of 164 watts.  I wasn’t hauling ass but I certainly wasn’t slow either.  I didn’t even feel like I was solo because of all the friends I bumped into on the path. 

Saturday rained but it didn’t completely suck. I always say I’m gonna be lazy on a rainy day but then I wind up working out anyway.  I did a Zwift ride and had a lot of fun.  I forgot that Zwift was fun. What I like about Zwift is that I can really focus on my training.  I pay attention to the cadence and power I’m putting out.  My cadence sometimes goes in and out or doesn’t update on the screen correctly so I also focus on the feeling of my legs turning which is very helpful on the road.   I can usually feel the rise and fall of my cadence without looking at my Garmin.  I spent a lot of time at my threshold power, comfortably. 

Sunday, I got dropped, again! There was an odd serenity this time.  I used to get mad about being dropped because I felt like I was at a disadvantage.  It was because I’d gained weight, had the wrong bike, or didn’t have the right wheels.  I’m now thin and I have a lightweight bike with aero wheels.  I gave myself every possible advantage.  I didn’t get dropped for being slow, I got dropped for not being as fast as the people I was riding with.  I tried hard.  When I realized I’d been left behind with no chance of catching up, I fully accepted it and made the most of it.  I loaded a route and I spent some more alone time with Lita.  I didn’t stop trying though, I still worked very hard.  My efforts were proven with an FTP increase!  I couldn’t be more proud than if I had actually finished the ride with the group.

I will remain strong, positive, and determined.  I will go on and try even harder than my previous attempts.  I will be the kind of person that old me would admire and look up to.  I will be the best me that I can.  What kind of you will you be?



2 thoughts on “This Past weekend (Mother’s Day Weekend)

  1. I have a different mindset about riding. I enjoy riding and being out doors with nature with my body fully alive and the social aspects of the ride. I dont measure my ftp I measure the fun quotient. As long as it’s fun and no one gets hurt it was a good ride. I won’t be in the olympics or the Guinness book but it makes me happy.


    1. That’s a great reason to ride! We all have different goals n whatever ur reason is for riding the most important thing is that u r getting out there n doing it. Go out, have fun, n be healthy!


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