The Senor & I



A few of us decided to do the Tour De Cure century with our friend who does it every year and raises a ton of money.  We had done a century the week before and felt very strong (it had been my very first!).  The weather conditions the previous week had been ideal for doing a century.  I wasn’t prepared for the conditions of the Tour De Cure….

Neither The Señor nor I had slept well the night before.  I met him at his place and we did the drive in together so I could save on gas.  It was very hot and humid.  I was warned that the food at this event was not conducive to cycling so I brought my own food and powdered drink mix.  Nothing I would put in my pocket would help me on this century…..

We got a late start because one of the guys we were rolling with was late, it’s kind of his thing.  The first half of the ride was ok even though most of the rest stops were in the sun.  After the first half The Señor and I were getting tired.  The pace was a bit too strong.  I told the leader to dial it back saying that if he wants to go fast then go without us because we’re not up to it.  He agreed to split up and, to my astonishment, most of us wanted to dial it back so he only had one other person with him.

The stop after the split we all regrouped and rode together at a reasonable pace. The next stop I was really starting to feel it, I even took my shoes off for a few minutes.  At mile 84 is when I got really tired.  The Señor was no longer keeping up.  I shouted that he was back but nobody cared.  I could’ve chased them down and stayed but I really wasn’t up for that.

The Señor and I were rolling along for a mile or two.  I really don’t remember this conversation until he reminded me long after the ride.  He pathetically said “Thanks for staying with me” and I replied “What? I’m tired too bitch, now shut the f**k up and ride!”.  So we rode on.  It was so tough.  We came to the tiniest hill and it looked enormous, we both groaned.  

The last couple of miles were exciting.  We took turns pulling each other in the wind.  It felt like we’d never get to the finish. Suddenly a car passed with a bike on the roof and a finisher cheered us on yelling “You can do it, you’re almost there!”.  We lit up, sped up, and completed the last two miles.

When we got back, most of the food was gone.  The salads were nasty from being out in the heat and the burgers were all burnt.  I ate a burnt burger.  On the way home we stopped for ice cream at a classic ice cream shop.  Ice cream makes everything better!

The ride was from ideal but with a good friend by your side, any challenge that you meet on the road can be conquered. 

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