I Wonder…..


Sometimes on my ride I hear the rustle of the leaves and I wonder what kinds of creatures are these? Is it a chipmunk? A squirrel? A cute little bunny? Will it remain hidden or will it jump out in front of me? Is it just one or many? Is it frightened or is it bold? What color is it? Does it know I’m coming? Is it foraging for food? Is it eating? Is it hungry or is it full? Is it wondering about me? Is it happy or grumpy? Is it cute or is it ugly? Is it a rat or a possum? Could it be a snake or a lizard? Is it maybe a stealthy cat? Is it tame or is it vicious? Is it serious or playful? Does it have a family? These are my thoughts as I pass through this life, having fun, on my bike……..

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