The Brands Ride



A friend of mine called me up and invited me to ride with him on the Brands ride.  He said that, although it started super early in the morning, it was a nice ride and that I’d enjoy it.  I decided to try it.

I got there and there were a couple people that I knew but that was about it.  Almost everyone there had a really nice bike and they were wearing nice cycling kits.  I was wearing clothes that barely matched and had a heavy aluminum bike.  I looked like a total hobo!

The ride started at a nice easy pace that felt very reasonable.  A few miles in it started to pick up and I was hanging on for dear life.  A few miles after that we got to a hill. That’s when I got dropped for the very first time.  I wasn’t alone.  My friend finally came back from the front to ride with me and another friend of mine stayed with me as well. It was just the three of us.

You would think that if there’s only three of us that we would work together but this was not the case.  The two of us chased this guy around for miles.  We got to a turn and barely made it behind him and that was when he felt my wrath.  It must’ve been about 8:30 in the morning in a quiet neighborhood on a Saturday.  

I screamed and cursed and really let him have it.  I had no shame.  There were people enjoying a nice morning walking their dogs and I was making quite the scene.  I had a point. I’d been invited on a ride before with a different friend of mine and he took care of me.  He made sure that when I fell behind he was there to pull me back.  He was classy.  My other friend and I had so much fun that I kept going on group rides with him.

After the meltdown we all rode together. He pulled us around for miles.  When we got back to the shop I looked around. I had wanted a new bike for some time.  I knew mine was a heavy beginners bike and I needed some new hotness. I knew that what I wanted would cost me. I looked at different bikes.  Nothing was good enough.  I wanted full Ultegra. I didn’t want mixed and matched components. If I’m gonna pay the price then I want it all.  That’s when the gentleman that was helping me looked into his computer and asked me if I liked light blue. 

There she was, Lita.  She was beautiful.  Full Carbon.  Full Ultegra groupset with Dura Ace shifters. She weighed 17lbs.  She was perfect.  She was on sale for the year end sale event.  She was in California but I could order her.  I really couldn’t afford another bike.  I had no idea how I would pay for it but I took out my sports credit card and financed her for 12 months interest free.  

We’ve been happy together ever since.  I read that people form emotional attachments to their bike as they share more experiences with it.  I can certainly say, without a doubt, that I have an emotional attachment to my Lita.  

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