This Past Weekend (May 19-20)



On Friday I took my aluminum bike out, Candy.  I knew it was going to rain all day Saturday so I thought it would be wise to get a ride in.  I did a short ride because I just really wanted to ride for no specific purpose or training.  I just rode. It was really nice.  I did a hill training ride on Thursday so Friday was really just a bonus day.  It was a bit windy but it was a great afternoon for a ride.

As predicted Saturday rained all day. I always say I’m going to be lazy on a rainy day but this time I really was. I had a leisurely breakfast and I treated myself to a flavored coffee (I normally take it black).  I took the time to take care of the problem I was having with my power meter.  I’m now back to having normal power readings.  After that I had my eyebrows done and got a pedicure.  I was a bit productive for a lazy day but I did all of this in the amount of time it would take to ride.

I went to the group ride on Sunday and, surprise, I got dropped.  I went out with a group of very strong riders and had a great time.  When we got to the hilly part of the ride was when I was left behind.  I was only alone for a few miles before I bumped into one of the other guys so we rode to the end together, somewhat.  After I went home and got cleaned up I went back to the shop and finally installed the bike rack I ordered forever ago!

What I think is truly special is that I have a bunch of people supporting me and encouraging me to keep coming on these fast rides and keep trying.  I’ve received encouragement from a few people after the rides. There was a person who read my written word that was on one of my rides that took the time to write a beautifully written letter encouraging me to keep on trying.   I can’t tell you how good it feels that I have so much love and support from my biking community.  

What will I take with me from this weekend into my life? I will step it up on my indoor workout routine because everyone knows that a strong core is key on the bike, squats = watts, and who doesn’t want strong arms?  Another very important rule is to calibrate your power meter before each and every ride. Various manuals will tell you that it’s up to the individual how often a zero offset is performed, however, it should be done prior to each ride.  The most important of all is to remain strong and determined. I will continue to focus on the mini goals that make up my overall goals.

Thank you all for your support and for reading.  I’m truly blessed to have the love and support that I do!

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