Let Us Roll



As I make my way through this life doing the mundane things that I need to do to survive, I think of why I do it and it gets me through my days.  I do it for Saturday mornings.  The sun is bright and the air is crisp.  There is no better feeling than this.  My bike is ready and I long to roll. 

The group is assembled and we’re all feeling good.  We get started riding through the peaceful neighborhood.  All is quiet as the streets are asleep.  The only sounds that can be heard are the pleasant symphony of the birds above us in the trees.  

It is in this lull that I can hear the barely audible rhythmic sounds of our ride.  I’m in a nice reverie as I hear the wind come off of the tire in front of me.  The whir of the chains and the changing of gears is the most amazing sound I could hear.

It is in these moments that I feel complete, that I feel that this world will not devour me replete. I feel bold, I feel wild.  I’m in touch with my inner child.  It’s for these moments that life is worth living.  It is for this that a damn is worth giving.

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