Wake Up Legs



Come on legs, don’t fail me now.  We’ll never catch up if we lose it now.  We’ve got a chance  if you would just wake up.  I’m really not asking for much.  I’ll need the two of you in order to catch back up.

They’re close in the distance, not far ahead.  Why the hell am I begging again? Haven’t I given you every desire? We have trained on these hills every spare hour.  I’ve given you carbohydrates, potassium, and protein.  I’ve made myself very lean.

We’ve spent time on the trainer sweating away.  I’ve upgraded my entire pain cave. I’ve paid extra attention to my cadence, power, and heart rate.  I’ve watched my FTP slowly increase.  I’m even considering the dreaded hill repeats.

I will not take this insolence from you two legs.  I will do more VO2 max workouts until I’ve had my way.  I will not accept this defeat.  I feel really bad for my poor feet.  They’ve done nothing wrong to have all this torture.  Wait til my next workout, it’ll be a scorcher!

Until the two of you behave I will hear no more.  You both can shut up or be ignored.  I will continue this journey of inflicting pain.  If you do as I say I can make it all go away.  Please, think about it if you will, we’re about to hit that great big hill!

2 thoughts on “Wake Up Legs

  1. 😃 Be nice to yourself, all parts of you. They all work together, and you are doing great! When the group is a little ahead, relax a bit, even though that is the hardest thing to do, change your pedal stroke a little to use different muscles, and know that soon you will catch up.

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