Bike Boat Bike 2015



Although I had already signed up to do a century the following week, I had heard great things about BBB so I decided to do that century as well.  I was able to get off from work that day so I registered and arranged to meet up with my friends who were doing it.

I did the drive in from Queens, which took an hour and twenty minutes.  I saved time that morning by eating my breakfast during the car ride in.  This would be the protocol for all of my future far away riding.  When sharing a ride it is courteous not to assume that the person eats in their car, so I advise asking them in advance and offering to buy or make them breakfast.

It was a cool morning with low wind and no humidity. It was the perfect weather for a century.  The food and snacks they had there were very good so there was no need to stuff my pockets.  My pocket space was reserved for my jacket, for when I was ready to take it off.

It was very pretty out east.  There was a lot of open land with farmstands and vineyards.    In the morning hours there was hardly anyone on the road.  There was a gorgeous view from the ferry (I even had exact change for the ferry man).  We saw deer on Shelter Island running through the trees in the distance.  The rest stops were placed strategically throughout the course, they were spaced evenly apart.  There were bathrooms with running water so I wasn’t forced to use the porto pottys that were there.  The rest of the day remained mild. 

When we were close to reaching the lot we discovered that the ferry miles were included in the 100 miles.  We did an extra loop so we would legitimately do a full century.  When we got back to the lot there were delicious sandwiches, salads, and fruit.  I ate and chatted with other friends of mine that were riding with other groups.  I’ve always enjoyed mingling at the end of these events.  Many people congratulated me on my first century, I was so proud of my accomplishment.  It really was a perfect day, everything about it was amazing.

I look forward to seeing everyone out there this weekend.  To everyone participating in this event, please let me know that you’re coming so we can hook up and ride together.  I would like to thank the SBRA for all the effort that goes into making this event very special. 



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