This Past Weekend (June 2-3)



The weekend forecast was, again, unsettled.  I decided to take Lita out on Friday for a quick ride on the path just in case the weekend weather didn’t cooperate.  It was nice.  It wasn’t very windy but it was quite foggy.  I ended up with an average of 18.8mph which is my fastest solo on the path.  It was a nice way to spend an hour.

On Saturday I wasn’t really sure which ride to go on.  I didn’t want to go too hard because I was planning on doing a century on Sunday.  I also didn’t want to impose on faster riders that day.  Someone was very vague with me about a ride on social media recently and made me feel very unwelcomed.  I got to the lot and started sniffing around and the group I wanted to join made me feel very welcomed so I joined them. They’re always a pleasure to ride with.  It was very hot and humid so it was hard to ride but we all hung in there and had a great time.  During a flat change that turned into two, I looked down and there was a noticeable puddle of my sweat beneath me! Despite the elements, it was a great ride with great people and I’m glad I joined them.

Sunday was Bike Boat Bike.  I look forward to this event every year.  It usually has a kind of magic to it.  This ride was very different.  I made plans to ride with a group, the same group I rolled with last year.  Last year we all had a great time and rolled together until the last few miles.  This time they went out hard and I could barely hang on. I got my legs about me a few miles in and was good to go.  At a confusing junction my Garmin got confused and wasn’t functioning at all.  I needed to fix it and we were still miles from the ferry.  I called out that I was stopping and they just kept on going. I got to the ferry seconds too late and they were on their way.  I called a friend and he connected me to the group.  They agreed to wait.  When we reached the rest stop half of them were gone.  By then I was pretty mad that they didn’t stop to begin with and lost interest in being in their company.  I went ahead and got picked up by another group.  

I was growing weary so I decided not to do the full century.  Last year the food truck ran out of French fries and I wasn’t having any of that this time.  Shorty after the next rest stop I had a flat.  The guys I was with were nice enough to change it.  They were running short on time and needed to pick up the pace so we parted ways in a very classy way.  Shorty after that I had a rock stuck in my brake and a really nice guy paid the rock out with a twenty dollar bill!

I was on my own for about half of this ride.  I enjoy my own company but when I plan to ride with a group, it would be nice to ride as a group.  That group can even do sub groups based on ability.  I’ve noticed over the past year that these organized rides have people dropping ther friends like crazy.  I rode the Gran Fondo alone for many miles, as did many others.  If you say go ahead without me that’s very different.  On the Brands Annual ride, not only did I ride alone for many miles, but nobody asked me if I needed help with my flat.  The tire was new and I had a hard time getting it off.  Many groups passed me until friends of mine finally stopped, helped me, and then rode with me about 10 miles to the end.

I just want to remind everyone that sometimes things happen on the road and we need to accommodate for these situations.  Cyclists have always been courteous to each other and that’s always made me feel like the road is my second home.  We’ve always looked out for one another. Thats part of what makes me proud to be a cyclist.  Please don’t stop that age old tradition. 

As for the food truck, I had a delicious “pulled chicken” sandwich with my coveted French Fries which were a beautiful golden brown color.  I dipped those bad boys in the house hot sauce.  It was well earned and heavenly.


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