Lakeville CT




The annual trip to Lakeville, CT was coming up and, although it was pretty cheap, I couldn’t afford it.  I really wanted to go because I heard it was super pretty. That trip is unique in that you can ride in three different states in one ride.  Lakeville, CT is in very close proximity to both New York and Massachusetts.   

It was also too late to request off from work, at that time I was on call on Sunday. I could’ve gone up for the day on Saturday but its two hours away so it would’ve been too much to drive two hours, ride for a few hours, and then drive back.

The Señor was going.  I convinced him to let me crash in his room on Friday night. I drove up from NY straight after work.  It was a nice room with a king sized bed.  We were both mature adults so it was cool.  I put the extra pillows down the middle of the bed and claimed the right side.  He agreed to the arrangement and we settled in for the night.  We went to the breakfast buffet the next morning (which I wasn’t paid up for) and used the courtesy computer afterwards to put the route in our Garmins.

The ride was beautiful and challenging.  Although it was very hilly, it was absolutely beautiful.  The small towns were adorable.  There were lots of rolling hills and open land.  The area was very historic looking.  We rolled through the pine barrens, which were gorgeous.  We ate at a little diner/bakery.  The food was very good.  With the water refill stops and the food stop, we were out all day.  We came back to the hotel in the mid afternoon and I was very tired.

I had to go to work the next morning.  The Señor saw how tired I was and invited me to stay the night and leave early in the morning to go to work.  He also knew I like the experience of being away with the group and the company over dinner.  I had another free meal and stayed the night.  I left very the next morning and went to work.

The following year I was doing better financially and was able to pay The Señor for my share of the room as well as stay the whole weekend.  That was also a very fun trip which I may tell you all about at some point in time……


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