The Way Down



It’s a long way up but it’ll all be worth it on the other side.  I’ll grind and grunt and do what I must to get up there.  If I work really hard I will get up to that top.  Once I’m there my heart rate will drop.  I will increase my cadence and my breathing will be even.  A little effort goes a long way.  I’m getting closer, I can almost see it. Here it is, just a tiny but more. I can’t give up now, or else I won’t fly down. The climb has stopped and I’m finally at the top. I’ll take a swig of my water before I drop. It’s finally here, my hard work has paid off. As I start my descent, I pedal to pick up some speed. It’s starting to get very steep. I stop to pedal and get more aero. I feel the wind in my helmet and I’m wearing a huge smile. I’m flying! I should be scared but, really, I’m not. I live for this thrill. I didn’t pay an entrance fee and I didn’t stand in line. I earned this right to be scared out of my mind. I’m loving every moment of this. I’m not even thinking about the climb that I’ve left behind. If you’ve seen me flying you can surely wager that my inner child is crying “wee” the whole way down!

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