FTP & Me



I’ve been meaning to test my FTP.  I’ve noticed that my power readings on the road aren’t as high as what Zwift said my FTP was.  My power readings on the road have been increasing over the course of the season and I feel stronger but the numbers just aren’t adding up.  After the TT I was speaking with one of the guys and he was saying that my power numbers should be closer to my FTP. I worked my ass off so I knew it must be that it was wrong.  I suspected correctly.  

The last time I had an FTP increase was when I climbed up Mount Zwift.  When I did ERG workouts on Zwift they felt right.  I was using a high cadence and completed all the segments of every workout.  

What I’ve come to realize is that, although Zwift is an excellent training tool, the numbers are different than on the road.  This also explains why I had a 4 watt increase when I did an FTP test on Zwift about a month after the initial FTP test on Trainerroad.  In my experience the Zwift numbers are higher than on the road by about 4-6 watts.  I will keep my current Zwift FTP the same and use the Trainerroad numbers as my IRL FTP.  

In the long run, I need to increase my numbers while maintaining a real life.  My plan is to wake up earlier to do my strength workouts.  As much as I love riding outside I need to  do my VO2 Max intervals on the trainer.  I’ve been getting lazy and I’m ready to own up to that and be fully committed to getting stronger.  

I just want to take the time to thank the ladies that have inspired me.  The ladies that balance life and get their workouts in.  I’m inspired by all the early morning gym pics with no makeup.  These women do what it takes and get it done.  That’s the kind of lady I should and will be.


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