My Own Little World



I’m a social butterfly and I play well with others but I enjoy living in my own little world.  In my world I call the shots.  I decide when to roll and when to stop.  I can stop abruptly knowing there’s nobody behind me.  When life gets me down I can think things through.  When life is good I can revel in my joy as I smile within.  I roll at my own pace.  I can wander around from place to place.  It’s when I’m on my own that I ponder the meaning of life.  As I roll along I see things in a different light.  The answers to the questions in the universe present themselves to me.  I feel like I can finally breathe.  Life is beautiful all around me.  I think of the time before time and how good I have it.  I’m lucky to be a part of this world and experience nature.  I appreciate the life that was given to me.  I hope that everyone takes the time out to see what I see.

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