The Cape




Every July 4th weekend my bike club went to Cape Cod.  We would stay in Woods Hole, a few minutes away from the ferry going to Martha’s Vineyard.  I went in 2014 and 2015.  They were both very memorable trips but I’ll tell you all about the 2015 trip.  

I couldn’t really afford to go but I really like riding on the cape.  The Señor was going so I convinced him to let me room with him.  I think I worked out an extended payment plan with him but I couldn’t be sure.  It’s also possible that I still owe him money and hopefully I didn’t just remind him of that.

Everyone else went up Friday morning to get an extra day of cycling, but I had to work.  My plan was to go up after work on Friday but I worked late.  I decided not to drive in the dark because I was afraid of traveling on the deer filled dark highway.  I woke up early instead and started traveling at 5am. There was no traffic, except on the Bourne Bridge, and I was at the hotel by 9am.

The room that we were staying in was the same room I shared the previous trip.  Like the previous year, I didn’t get the bed of my choosing.  We were supposed to do the local ride that day and MV the following day but the weather was predicted to be bad the next day so, while I was driving, the other members voted on going to MV that day.  I bought my ferry ticket at the front desk, got dressed, and then we set sail for MV.

I was supposed to lead that ride but these guys did whatever the hell they wanted.  They didn’t listen to a thing I was trying to tell them.  We still had a really fun day.  MV is gorgeous.  One of the slower riders came with us although there was a slower group.  On top of that she had the ever exploding tire.  We must’ve stopped to change the damn thing like three times that day.  I laid in the grass and napped during one of the changes. I had a long day.

We took the traditional pic at the bluff and shortly after that we took the dinky little boat across the river to have lunch at the canal where parts of Jaws was filmed.  The rest of the ride was nice but was frustrating.  Towards the end of the ride a couple of us decided to go exploring.  There were roads we’ve never been on that I had found in a route.  The reason for that was because they were dirt roads.  It was a quick exploration.  Before we got on the ferry, we stopped at an ice cream shop. The one we normally stopped at wasn’t open so we went to the other one.  It was still very good.  I had a shake that they blended my protein powder into. It was a delicious Blueberry Chocolate shake.  I drank it on the ferry ride back.  

We went to a nice restaurant that night.  One of the guys chose it.  I couldn’t afford it but went anyway.  I had a little room on one of my charge cards and I deserved to live a little.  We saw some of the fireworks show in the distance as we walked back to the hotel.  

The next day was overcast but a nice day for a ride.  We went on the local ride that I’ve never been on.  It was July 4th and everything was quiet.  It was very pretty.  We rolled through the town of Sandwich and there was a fair going on.  We stopped there to use the restroom.  While we were there a classic fire truck rolled in.  I went up to the guys that brought it there and asked if I could take a pic with it and they obliged.  After that they asked if I wanted to go inside. I was in heaven.  It was super cool and classic.  

Some time after that I had a meltdown.  We were going so slow and that damn ever exploding tire needed a change every few miles.  It was all too much.  When we got to the point that everyone knew their way back, I demanded the room key from The Señor.  I finally got to breathe and do things my way.  I enjoyed those last few miles.  A couple miles from the end I bumped into one of the other guys from the ride and we enjoyed hauling ass together back to the hotel.  When we got there he asked why I peeled out and I told him I needed time to myself. He said that’s perfectly fine and normal and he was glad I had a good time.  When everyone got back, we enjoyed a couple beers by the pool and I may have gone for a swim.   

The next day we left early instead of riding to beat the holiday weekend traffic.  The year before it took us like eight hours.  We stopped at the Middle of Nowhere diner about an hour outside of the cape.  It was a quaint little diner and the food was very good.  We all had a few laughs before parting ways and making our way back home.  It was a nice weekend even though there were things that pissed me off.

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