This Past Weekend (June 30-July 1)



Last Weekend I joined a gym that’s a five minute drive from my place.  I started doing strength training at 5:30am three days per week.  I’m really hoping that makes me a stronger cyclist as well giving me a firmer appearance.  So far I’m enjoying my morning workouts.  There’s very few people working out at that hour and the gym plays decent music.  It’s my me time.  My phone stays at home so I can concentrate on me for the entire time that I’m there.  I should probably document my appearance but I have plenty pics in cycling clothing which hides nothing.

On Friday I got off of work early so I came home and washed my bike.  I’m so proud of everyone that also took the time to clean their bikes.  Good job everyone!  Later on I got together with my girl and spent some quality time with her.  We did some shopping.  Not a girlie clothing shopping trip but the errand kind of shopping.  It was so much fun that it was as if we went girlie shopping.  We talked well into the night and it was just the sort of evening I needed.  Thanks for a very fun evening honey!

On Saturday the rides started early due to the heat wave.  We had a nice moderate paced hilly ride.  We were mostly in the shade the whole ride.  It was a very nice ride with a great group of people.  We stopped to take a scenic group pic on a quiet road.  I was taking the group pic and they asked how I was going to be in it and my response was “you’ll see”.  After I took he group pic a convertible came with two guys in it and they wanted to pass.  I was right in the middle of the road.  I asked them to take a pic of us.  The driver got out and took our scenic group pic for us and was surprised to see that there were many people in our group.  He was very nice.  

On Sunday the heat wave continued.  It was another early start.  The choices were pretty slim.  It was either go with the faster group or go on a much slower ride.  The person leading the group I would have chosen did a spontaneous century the day before knowing that he was leading the next day.  I put both routes in my Garmin and decided at the lot.  I went with the faster group.  

I was hanging in there for a while but I was starting to slow down.  It was much warmer and more humid than the day before.  It was difficult to move after a while.  At the halfway point I announced to the group that I would do my own thing rather than have them waiting on me for the rest of the ride.  They were all really nice about waiting for me but it really wasn’t fair to them.  I got slower and slower.  After a climb I bumped into the other group.  They were stopped and were changing a flat.  I hooked up with them.  Shortly after that I started cramping.  They stopped with me and, without saying anything, the rest of the group took off without us.  We caught up with them.  After that we split into sub groups.  They dropped their leader.  Everyone knew their way back at that point.  I had two people with me.  I asked if they wouldn’t mind skipping the last hill.  They agreed and we took the flatter way back.  I cramped on and off for the rest of the ride.  When we returned to the shop I stayed to chat in the air conditioning.  

I plan to try another fast ride on a cooler day in the not too distant future.  I’m working towards my goal of getting faster.  I was much faster last year so I’m sure I’ll get back to that point.  I will download the route and do the responsible thing if I start to fall back.  I want to thank everyone that supports and encourages me to keep trying.  I really appreciate the confidence people have in me. You can be certain that I’ll continue to try my hardest.

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