Independence Day 2018




Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate your support.  Every year I look forward to the annual holiday ride, everyone does.  Some people go all out with the USA jerseys and American flag socks.  It’s nice to be festive and the holiday ride has a nice magic to it.  

Prior to the ride I was a little concerned about riding with a faster group after Sunday.  I knew it would be hot and humid.  I don’t perform well in extreme weather conditions.  I was assured I would be fine on the holiday paced ride this year.  Last year we rode at a very spirited pace but the weather conditions were more agreeable.  

When I got to the lot there were a few people there and the excitement was already in the air.  More and more people came to the lot.  The group was so large we had to split into two groups.  Even with the split our group had about 30 people.  It was a great ride.  It was hilly but there were many chances to regroup.  It was so much fun and everyone had a great time.  Everyone that attended are all people that I enjoy riding with.  I stayed hydrated and had no issues.  Despite the weather I even had PRs and top 10s! 

After the ride we enjoyed a nice afternoon with family.  The holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones and I’m hoping everyone got to spend time with family and friends.  We even did some preparations for the wedding.  I had a nice nap while everyone watched a classic movie together.

When we returned home our neighbors, who are friends of ours, were having a cookout.   The humidity had broke so being outdoors was, once again, enjoyable.  There was so much good food so we ate…. again.  Every year our neighborhood goes all out with their fireworks show.  This year there were a few houses lighting up the sky.  At times there were three houses that immediately surround us going off at once.  It was quite the show.  

The whole day was amazing.  The entire day was spent with great people and everyone had a wonderful time.  I’m truly lucky to be an American and to be able to enjoy a day off to spend it doing everything that I love about being an American.  My parents made great sacrifices so that their children could have a better life and I’m glad that they wound up here, in this country, in New York.  I love the life I have here and the friends I’ve made.  I may not be monetarily rich but I’m rich with love and am very grateful for that.  


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