A Brief Lesson



It’s never too late to learn a valuable lesson. Today I wanted to take the time to talk about good sportsmanship.  Not long ago I went to a sporting event, a bike race.  I went to cheer a friend on.  When I first got there I was only cheering for the people I knew while everyone else was cheering on all of the participants.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was being silly.  

What I came to realize was that all of the participants deserve my respect.  They worked long and hard to get to where they are.  They made the same advances and sacrifices that my friends had made to get there.  I cheer for everyone.  My friends may get the loudest and most vibrant cheers but everyone gets the respect they deserve from me.

Same thing goes during a race.  These women are not my opponents.  I’m happy for each and every one of them.  Yes, I’d love to win, but I’m happy for the winner even if it’s not me.  When I got passed during the time trial, I cheered her on.  I was truly happy for her.  It sucked that I got passed but she worked her ass off to get there.

I went to a high school basketball game.  The other parents looked at me funny because I clapped for every basket.  I was surprised that they weren’t as enthusiastic.  It was a sporting event.  I cheered loud for my team and clapped politely for the other players.  These young men had done nothing wrong, they simply belonged to the opposing team.  All those young men worked very hard and deserved to be cheered on.  

Take the time to appreciate the work that each individual put in to get where they are.  Be happy for them as if it were your own accomplishment.  Cheer them on like you would want them to cheer you on.  Be a true sportsman.

2 thoughts on “A Brief Lesson

  1. Honestly one of the things I enjoy most about pro cycling is that whoever is off the front working hard on a breakaway or whoever manages a win gets cheers and respect. Unlike other sports, I think cyclists realize what it takes to put in the work and win. It’s not just about rooting for your favorite team or rider.


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