I Don’t Feel Well



I think I have some kind of weird summer bug.  I woke up yesterday to go to the gym but I reset my alarm and slept another hour instead.  I thought I was jut tired but no, I’m sick.  I used to push myself to ride when I was sick under the premise that it would make me feel better but it never really did.  I would just succeed in making myself more tired and wear my muscles out more.  These days I listen to what my body is telling me and just rest up.  As soon as I’m up to it, I’ll start working out and riding.  Until I’m well again I’m going to treat myself to something I never do, watch TV.  Listen to your body.  Rest if you need to rest. Workout only if your truly up to it.  It’s perfectly ok and you won’t lose your fitness if you rest for a few days, it may even make you stronger! 

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Feel Well

  1. Brokers – you pushed too hard, for too long and burned out! Take a few days off, then go easy, and makeup for the lost cycling thrills by watching the Tour. I like to back off the intensity and go easy one week out of every four. Got to listen to the bod!

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    1. Ur right Steve! I have backed down from what I used to do but yea a break every so often is a good idea. I’m learning as I go n I have my friends to help me keep myself honest 🙂


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