Let’s Give Them to the Bike!



I’ve noticed over the years that women are making incredible progress in cycling and all sports.  Some of the women I ride with ride stronger than most men I know.  It has never dawned on me that women don’t have their own equivalent of the men’s Tour De France.  

I only thought of it recently because of something that I saw on Facebook.  There are a group of women that ride the course a day before the men do.  They have a lot of support from other women that come to ride with them.  It’s absolutely inspiring.  I dug a bit further and found out that there used to be a women’s version of Le Tour.  It was supposed to go on the past couple of years but was cancelled due to scheduling issues.  

I continued to dig further to find out there’s a female pro cyclist out there that believes women don’t have the physiology to race for three weeks. It upsets me that a woman would say that. We can do anything that any man can do.  Why are there women out there doubting women publicly?  Just because she raced for 10 days and feels that was enough does not mean that is true for all women.  

I will now invest the time to see what I personally can do to raise awareness to the fact that women deserve to have their own Tour De France.  I don’t care what they wind up naming it but women deserve the same respect in the sport that men get.  

Please show your support for these women that are riding to bring awareness to female cycling.  Like them on Facebook.  I’ve put up images that I found about the history of the female Tour De France.  It shows what years it ran, who finished on the podium, where they are from, and what the race was named.



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