Greenwich, CT



Every year the bike club went to Greenwich, CT for a scenic yet challenging ride.  One of the guys used to lead it.  I asked someone else to lead it after they mentioned that a couple of miles could be added to enjoy a view of the water.

That morning we gathered at the same meeting place as the previous years.  The past two years I rode up with other people to save money on gas but this time I drove myself up.   It was a beautiful sunny summer day.   We had a great attendance that day as there were two riding levels going out that morning.  We had a nice group photo before we split into two groups and took off.

The guy that was leading was getting really strong and he was leading at a very spirited pace.  Keeping up with him was part of the fun as we went up hill after hill.  The ride was only 44 miles but it used to take a good portion of the day.  The ride started at 9am and we were at the lunch stop well before noon.

Part of what used to take so long was ordering lunch.  We were there so early that we were the only ones there ordering food.  We were in and out of there quickly.  I bought a water as I had my pocket sandwich for lunch.  We rode to the park that was close by to eat in the large gazebo and use the restroom.  

After lunch we were back to our speedy ride.  Nobody noticed that a couple of people fell back.  They made a wrong turn.  We called them and guided them to where we were.  We joked around and took pics while we waited.  That’s when I noticed a tiny head poking out from a hole.  It was a chipmunk, an adorable little chipmunk.  There were several holes that the tiny head poked out of.  They must have a somewhat sophisticated tunnel system.  I didn’t realize they were burrow creatures.  It’s amazing what you can learn on a group ride.

After a few more minutes we were all back together.  We stayed together fir the rest of the ride.  We didn’t do those extra few miles by the water but it was still a very nice ride. Even with lunch stop and the group splitting and regrouping, we were back by early afternoon.  It was so nice to beat traffic and be home at a decent hour.

Til this day we still joke about our friend’s hilly hammerfest.  We all had a great time.  I haven’t been on that ride since.  I’ve been meaning to go but I haven’t.  I’ll make it a point to go soon.  It’s a very beautiful ride.  The neighborhoods are stunning and the hills are challenging.  The homes are gorgeous with beautiful landscapes.  I highly recommend riding there if you haven’t yet.

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