The Annual Ride



Every year, since 2014, my friend and I go for a ride together.  It usually takes place in September when I have off on a weekday for religious observance.  I give him a list of the days that I have off and he chooses which of those days he’ll take off to ride with me.  

It all started in 2014 when I loosely mentioned that I had off for the holidays.  He then suggested that we ride together.  He chose a route and we went for a ride.  These rides were more about sightseeing and picture taking than anything else.  I look forward to doing these rides every year.  I don’t really remember where we went the first couple of years.  I barely knew the roads.  The last couple of years I chose the route and last year I led it.

In 2016 we went to Crab Meadow.  It was so cold out that I didn’t even want to stop to use the restroom and didn’t even get off of my bike at the second stop.  I just wanted to keep moving and keep warm.  It was still a lot of fun and it was great to get out and ride when I would’ve normally been at the office.

Last year he forgot about our tradition. I text him to give him my dates and he was surprised when I told him that it was time for our annual ride.  He was happy that I mentioned it so he chose a date.  We agreed on a starting time and location.  I chose the route and led it.  It was beautiful day, warm and sunny.  We went to Timber Point.  It was a mostly flat route with a gorgeous lake in the middle of the ride.  We had a slight delay early on when I got a flat.  We weren’t in any rush as I didn’t have any plans until mid afternoon.  As we were passing Heckscher State Park he asked me if I’d been there and I told him I never was.  We added a few miles at that loop and took pics by the beach.  It was very pretty there.  We continued on and stopped at the beautiful lake that I had planned as our photo op.  We hung out there and took quite a few pics.  It’s one of the prettiest places on Long Island.  There are many benches there for picnics and such.  A lot of geese, ducks, and swans swim there.  After that we continued on and only stopped to refill our water bottles.  The rest of the ride was very nice and we had a lot of fun together.  It was the perfect 5th anniversary ride.

I hope we have our ride this year.  He is currently injured but is expected to make a full recovery very soon.  It’s nice to have a special tradition with the friend I started out with.  Over the years we have grown and have different goals but that’s just part of what makes this annual ride so special.  I’ll be in touch once I have my dates……

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