In The Beginning



When I first started riding I would usually go to the same places.  At first it was because I was getting to know the route and no longer needed a map.  After a while it was just convenient as well as very pretty.  The hills were a nice challenge.  I spent a lot of time in the Kings Point/Sands Point area.  

At that time I wasn’t bringing my bike to work with me.  My place in Fresh Meadows wasn’t far from Kings Point.  Whenever I got out of work early enough I would go there starting from home.  I would almost always stop at the beautiful pond for a bar break before moving on.  

When I finally did get a Garmin I made routes that started from either work or home that would go there.  Whenever I had to work on a Sunday I left from the office and went into Kings Point and Sands Point for a nice 30 or so mile ride.  I would also go other places when I had more time to burn.

One day, on a holiday, I left my place and went on a 55 mile ride through Kings Point, Sands Point, and Bayside.  It was one of the first long rides that I had a Garmin to guide me on.  I had so much fun that day. I stopped at the pond to take the scenic pic before heading into Sands Point.  On my way back into Queens I stopped at the one place that I could bring my bike inside to use the bathroom, the car dealership.  While I was there I played some volleyball with the guys.  After that I went on the 2.4 mile greenway by the water in Queens.  I used to ride that  greenway all the time on my hybrid bike but I was seldomly there on my road bike.  The pavement there really wasn’t great and was much better on a hybrid.  It was a fun morning.  I was back at my place around lunchtime.

Another time I went into Kings Point from home on a Sunday that I didn’t have to work.  I wound up bumping into the guys from my club that rode faster than I did.  I decided to challenge myself by doing the rest of the ride with them.  My mentor was on that ride and agreed to give me a ride back into Queens.  I started riding with that group shortly after that.  

Nowadays I rarely go into Kings Point and Sands Point.  It’s not ideal to go there after work due to the traffic.  Being that I’m rarely there, every time I go is special.  I go on the group rides and every leader has a route that includes roads I’ve never been on.  I think every cyclist has an area that’s special to them and that’s mine.  That’s where I got my start exploring new places.  I’ve had many fun explorations since then but I will always remember and treasure my first.

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