Every year my bike club went to Vermont during a holiday weekend.  It was my first season on the road and I very much wanted to experience all that I could.  I really couldn’t afford to go but The Señor was going and I convinced him, once again, to let me share his room with him. 

Most people went up Friday morning but I had to work so The Señor and I drove up after I got out of work Friday evening.  When we arrived all was dark so we really couldn’t see how pretty it was.

The inn that we stayed in was run by a very nice couple that grew their own vegetables and had a couple of adorable cats running around.  The cats only stayed in the main area and roamed the grounds. They had absolutely no interest in visiting the rooms.  There was a pool and a hot tub in the gazebo.  It was a very nice place to stay, very quaint.

The first morning I went into the dining area and was served oatmeal, toast, and breakfast quiche.  It was delicious.  The ride was a remote start ride.  After breakfast we drove over to the start.  The lot that we would have normally used was full so a church was nice enough to let us park there.  The ride was very scenic and hilly.  I will always refer to it as “the crack ride” and those that were there will forever know why.  We stopped for lunch at an adorable diner.  After the ride we all stopped at an ice cream shop that we passed on the way in.

After the ride we went in the hot tub where we talked and drank a bit too much beer.  After we got cleaned up we sat down to a nice buffet style dinner.  The food was delicious.  We chatted a bit after dessert was served and went to bed early to wake up to ride the next morning. 

After Breakfast that morning, we had some time to relax before the ride.  Without telling us, the group left early because of the threat of rain.  There were three of us that were left behind.  We took off after them.  After a few miles there was no sight of them.  We continued making our was further down the hills.  Everything was very quiet for the holiday.  There were many little brooks with stones, farmland, and rolling hills.  Everything was very pretty.  We made a turn and went over a covered bridge.   I had never been over one before, it was fun.  We started climbing and made our way through the sleepy little towns.  One town was just adorable.  The Main Street there was filled with cute little stores.  Even the post office was adorable.  We made our way to the 8 mile climb up the mountain.  We stopped at a general store to use the restroom before the climb and when I came out I saw it.  It was very steep and had a switchback in the first part of it before disappearing.  I saw a car go up revving the gas in order to go up it.  I told The Señor and he went to go see what it’s like.  He went up a bit and said it wasn’t bad, that that part was the worst of it for a while.  I decided that the climb was probably over my head.  It was my first season on the road and that was something I should build up to.  We took a longer route to go back to the inn.  It was still very hilly and challenging but it wasn’t a steep 8 mile climb up a mountain.  We stopped at a small deli for lunch.  We had been out a long time because the woman that was with us was slow so there was a lot of waiting for her.  When we got back to the hotel it was late afternoon and was only just starting to rain lightly.  We found out that the other group took a much shorter route so they could return early and go to the movies.  We soaked in the hot tub and enjoyed talking about our fun ride.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and a few of us sat in the screen room afterwards and talked over cocktails.  

The next day The Señor and I decided to skip the ride and make our way back home.  I had a very uncomfortable situation going on due to a new saddle.  We hit holiday traffic but it would’ve been much worse if we left later.  I was a little upset that we didn’t go to the outlets as he had promised we would.  I really couldn’t afford to go shopping anyway.  We did stop so I could get jam, maple syrup, and fudge.

Vermont was one of the prettiest places I’ve visited and I would love to go back one of these days…… 


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