This Past Weekend (8/11-8/12)



This past week was good.  I got some good riding in.  I skipped one of my gym workouts because I overslept.  I’ve been consistent with my gym workouts so missing a day was ok.  I rode after work on Friday because the weather for Saturday was very iffy.  It was a very good ride. I focused on power especially up the hills.  I had the fastest solo ride I ever did on my heavy bike.  

The weather for Saturday was very unsettled.  The forecast didn’t show a window of time to ride in the morning so I slept in and had a leisurely morning.  I don’t normally do interval workouts the day after riding but I felt good so I went for it.  I did the first interval workout of the Zwift Academy and I really liked it.  I may not make it through the whole program, due to time constraints, but I plan to do every one of the interval workouts.

On Sunday the forecast showed that it wouldn’t rain until the afternoon.  I did the more moderate ride because the faster group was doing a lot of climbing.  I’m slower on the hills so I didn’t want to impose.  We went at a more moderate pace than usual.  It was very humid.  I was able to keep up on the climbs and even set a couple of personal records.  We had a good, fun group so it was a very pleasant ride.

I’ve been feeling very strong on the bike lately.  I feel that the weight training and intervals are making me stronger.  It’s been building up my muscles and helping me endure longer high powered efforts.  I also don’t feel as worn out from riding as I used to.  I’m focusing more on my power output on my solo rides rather than just putting miles in.  I’m really enjoying having something to focus on and really look forward to seeing the improvements as I go along.  

Thank you to those that help, support, encourage, and nurture me.  It’s certain influences that are really helping me realize what I need to do in order to reach my goals.  It means a lot to me that I have people that care enough about me to help me.  I’m ready to take my fitness to a whole new level and enjoy being stronger in my body, mind, and soul.

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