The Key




I’m having a great time whether it be inside or out.  Who knew that fitness could be such a blast.  

It used to resemble a prison like sentence.  Now I look forward to each form of fitness.  

I love being social but solo workouts have their appeal.  Mixing it up is the ideal.  

If there were more time in a day I’d be quite ripped.  Instead of crying my woes I make use of every single minute.  

If time is a luxury not to be had I’ll figure it out so I don’t feel bad.  

Exercise is the key to an amazing life, although, sometimes it can feel like being sliced by a knife.  

The body has an expiration date and fitness is the only preservative that will prevent it’s early decay.

In the long run being on a healthy journey can keep your sweet ass off of a gurney.  

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