This Past Weekend (8/18-8/19)



This past week was good.  I did my first group ride on Zwift.  It was, surprisingly, a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to trying some Zwift races as well.  I tried a Zwift race back in 2016 and I was quickly discouraged from virtual racing.  I was dropped as soon as the race started.  I didn’t realize that I should’ve got up to speed before the start of the race.  To be fair the first lap was called a warmup lap.  I was also on my old trainer, my new trainer has a completely different feel.  It’s also very responsive and way more accurate.  I’m willing to try it again and see how long I can hang in.

The weekend weather was looking iffy but Saturday had no rain predicted until the afternoon.  The roads were wet and it was very humid but rideable.  There was no assigned route but a couple of the guys from my group said that they would lead a ride.  For such an iffy day we had a nice sized group.  Everyone that showed up were people that I enjoy riding with.  The ride was very nice.  We went down roads that we don’t normally ride on.  It was nice to mix things up.  I surprised myself when I stayed with the group, even through my normal drop spots.  I felt really good and strong.  One of the guys I haven’t seen in a while made it a point to mention how strong I’ve become and how I look more muscular but in a feminine way.  That really made my day, that and the QOM I managed to snag! 

The weather for Sunday was also iffy but, again, there was no rain predicted until the afternoon.  There were periods of light drizzle but the roads were much drier than Saturday.  There was no ride posted and one of the group rides were cancelled but there were people that wanted to ride so I took my chances to see if anyone was at the lot.  Slowly but surely people trickled to the lot to form another decent sized group and, once again, it was all people that I enjoy riding with.  I had another strong day of riding.  I did get dropped in a couple of places but I was never very far behind, except for when I got stuck at a stoplight.  The group was nice enough to wait up for me.  I got some more good pointers and one of the guys was nice enough to explain something in a way that made sense to me.  It put things in a new perspective and I’m going to make a conscious effort to follow his advice.  I know I always say it, but I’m really lucky to ride with the people that I do.  They’re very helpful, supportive, and encouraging.  The cycling community itself is based on looking out for one another and I’m so happy that I became a cyclist and surround myself with such positivity.  

Speaking of positive things in my life…… In less than one month Cheap Accountant and I are getting married!  I have to devote some time and energy on planning the wedding.  I will do my best to keep up with my writing but I may do so more sporadically than regularly until after the wedding and honeymoon.  Please take some time to catch up with my older posts in the newly installed Archives tab on the sidebar.  Thank you for  your understanding and patience during this positive transition in my life.  I appreciate you all taking the time out to read and support me!

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