The Slow Approach



It’s a really nice day for a ride.  The weather is breezy, warm, and dry.  I’m going along with the flow, I could care less where we go.  We’ve made the turn towards the hill, I’m looking forward to testing my skills.  I’m quite surprised by how I feel, I no longer cower in fear.  Is this what it’s like to feel strong? I feel like nothing could go wrong.  I don’t remember it ever being like this, every part of the ride spent in bliss.  We are slowly approaching the base, this time I will not speed up to it in haste.  If I get dropped it will be alright, I won’t give up without a fight.  We’re on our way up and I’m still right there, I’m quickly breathing in the warm and dry air.  Here it is, I see the top, and somehow I managed not to get dropped.  I’m simply ecstatic that I hung in, I feel inside like I had a win.  Improving my climbing skills will give me some grit, I look forward to each new summit.

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