The Honeymoon (day 1)



I’m sorry I’ve been so distant.  I’m just trying to get settled into my new life.  I’ve been making a lot of positive changes which I will tell you about in due time but first I’ll tell you about our honeymoon.  

In my excitement to get away with my soulmate, I couldn’t sleep.  I was still high from the wedding and very excited to take my first real vacation in twelve years.  I eventually got to sleep, when my alarm went off my sweetie told me to stay in bed and that he would wake up first to start getting ready.  I woke up a few minutes later and started to get ready.  My brother in law was a few minutes late to pick us up so we had a few minutes to remember anything we may have forgotten.  Of course we remembered things when he came and we had to run back in, we had to run in anyway because we had to lend him something while we were gone.

We got to the airport with enough time to eat something before boarding.  The plan took off and landed on time.  There was a bus waiting to take us to our hotel once we retrieved our bags and made it outside.  The bus driver told us a few things about Aruba and showed us around on the way to the hotel.  He made the first stop to drop a couple off at their hotel and we were next.  The bus ride was twenty minutes, at most.  

We arrived at the Manchebo Beach Resort.  We were greeted warmly and were handed a cool towel to freshen up.  We checked in and they gave us a mojito.  We made our dinner reservations for that evening with the front desk.  Our room wouldn’t be ready for a couple of hours so we got a couple of things from our luggage and a nice young man showed us around the resort.  After that we went to lunch and it was delicious.  After lunch we went to the beach and another nice young man set us up in a palapa closest to the water.  

The beach was heavenly.  It was warm, breezy, and quiet.  The water was warm and inviting.  While we were in the water, the water carried us away and we had to search for our palapa.  When we found it we also found that two ladies that weren’t staying at our resort had set up directly next to us.  The palapas were spread apart so that guests could have their privacy but these ladies were right there.  They were loud and giggly.  We finally had a nice getaway only to be crowded.  I looked at them with disdain every chance I got.  They slurped their fruit and were very annoying.  After a bit of time had passed, they finally left.  We are able to enjoy the beach in peace and quiet.  The young man came to inform us that our room was ready but we decided to stay on the beach a bit longer.  

After the beach, we were showed to our room.  It was beautiful! The view was spectacular.  There were chocolate covered strawberries and champagne waiting for us as well a bouquet of flowers.  There was a balcony that overlooked the beach with a table and two chairs.  The room wasn’t huge but it was perfect for the two of us, it was also the only room with an ocean view. 

After bathing, we hung out in the room for a bit before heading to dinner.  We ate at the Chophouse which was indoors.  The very nice older gentleman that waited on us informed us that we may choose what we like for dinner but he had a very special dessert that he would be preparing for us.  Dinner was absolutely delicious.  As promised, for dessert he wheeled a cart over to us.  It had a few items on it as well as a single burner.  He prepared a flaming dessert which was simple, delicious, and fun to watch.  After the presentation a lady at another table inquired about the dessert and he informed her that it was exclusively for the honeymooners.  

We felt very special.  We had been there only a few hours and the staff made us feel like royalty.  They had a high level of communication.  Everywhere we went, including the bus ride to the hotel, everyone knew we were honeymooning. We highly recommend this resort to anyone who is looking to get away and be treated very well.  

We left the resort that evening to do a bit of shopping.  I was looking for a small purse to carry a few items around in while we were on vacation.  I found that as well as a straw hat to wear on the beach.  We danced to music outside of a piano bar and just had a good time walking around.  We went back to the hotel and watched the live jazz performance before heading back to our room. We were exhausted from the full day that we had just had.