This Past Winter


Hmmmmm where do I start? Well I’m now more broke than ever. I bought a beautiful new bike, Sheena. Of course my power meter crank arm from Candy didn’t fit her so I had to buy a new power meter for her. I can’t keep buying new PMs for my bikes so I went with the pedals. For the first time ever I’m using basic road pedals. Lita still has the SPD pedals so I use her for casual rides when I’ll be clipping in and out frequently.

As if I could afford any more problems, my car crapped out on me.  I was financing it and had three years left. The transmission blew. I took the car back to the dealer I purchased it from and got into a lease.  I’m paying about a million times more per month due to the huge negative from my other car.  Not to mention that I had a negative on that car from the car prior to that one which I also purchased from the same dealership.  I’m DONE with financing used cars and financing in general.

I’m thin again! I lost 15 pounds and I feel amazing! One day I was walking through the mall back to my car after getting my eyebrows done. I was about to pass a very hip young woman’s store. I saw fashions that I couldn’t wear years ago when I was fat. They came back! I went in and bought three dresses and three bodysuits. I didn’t try them on because I was certain they would fit and that they would be very flattering. I was right on both accounts.

I’m stronger. I trained hard over the winter and cross trained. My weight loss combined with getting stronger is getting me up those hills faster. Not as fast as I would like, but definitely faster than before. I also look stronger. I’ve been keeping up with my strength training and loving it. I see a whole new me in the mirror. My arms are getting fairly ripped and my mid section is starting to have lines of definition. I flex my arms in the mirror a lot because I’m just so proud of them. My husband makes fun of me for it but I could care less. I’m finally starting to look like I’ve always wished I could look so, yes, I will keep glancing at my physique in the mirror.

I am absolutely radiant. A few friends of mine turned me onto the collagen powder supplements.  It’s known to improve strength and recovery within twelve weeks of use.  It’s been a few months.  The side effects are improved hair, skin, and nails. One of the doctors in the building that I’m close with came to ask me a personal question.  He asked if I was “expecting”.  I let him know that I wasn’t and asked why he thought that. He said it’s because my skin is glowing.  Even if it didn’t improve my overall strength, my glowing skin is worth taking supplements for!

There are so many more wonderful things that happened over the winter but I can’t tell you everything all in one post! I’ll make it a point to write all about my running adventures.  

Thank you so much for reading and for your continued support and encouragement! I really can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I started BLC.  Writing has kept me honest to my body and my life goals.  Knowing someone has read it means I must do it.  I encourage everyone to do what they have to do to accomplish their goals, whatever those goals are.  You only get this one life so make it count!

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