This Past Weekend (July 7-8)


This past Thursday my sweetie came out on the hybrid with me.  We went to the Bethpage Park bike path and had a great ride.  We saw so many bunnies.  The path had a couple hills and descents, which he’s never done before.  He did very well once he got more comfortable with the terrain. Our rides together are few and far between and I appreciate each one.

On Saturday I went on the hilly ride with the faster group.  The weather was perfect for riding, a bit breezy with temps in the 70s.  Everyone that attended the ride were all people I enjoy riding with.  There was much time for socializing as there were 3 flats on this ride.  I was on the shoulder of an uneven road that was in the shade.  I was trying to make my way off of the shoulder because it wasn’t very good.  I misjudged a crack in the road, took it all wrong, and went down.  I slid across the road seemingly in slow motion.  I lost feeling where I had impact, my knee and my shoulder.  I didn’t hit my head and I was fully coherent but shocked.  I stayed in the road while everyone surrounded me so I wouldn’t get hit until I regained feeling in my leg.  The guys checked my bike and it was in perfect working order.  The carbon frame wasn’t affected at all. As soon as I could manage standing, the guys helped me up.  I sat on the curb until I got the feeling back in my knee.  The guys checked my shoulder and it was fine.  Aside from road rash I was unharmed.  My wrist was sore and swollen from impact but had full mobility.  I got back on the bike as soon as I was ready and we continued on.  We had about 36 more miles out of 61.  The rest of the ride was hilly but I felt better when I was climbing, I’m guessing because I was putting pressure on my wounds.  It wasn’t a fast ride but we all had a good time despite all the flats and the minor accident.  

My sweetie was so worried when I didn’t get back from the ride.  He knew something had to be wrong because we were out so late. He came out to greet me when I got home.  I was still in the car when he asked me about the ride and noticed my knee right away.  I wasn’t going to mention it.  I didn’t expect him to notice it so quickly.  He helped me inside and then helped me clean my wounds after my shower.

After I got cleaned up we went to the annual family BBQ which I haven’t attended in years and ate so much good food.  I was planning to drink a lot to drown my sorrows but, after nursing two drinks, all I wanted was water.  I had a great time hanging out with family that I haven’t seen in a while. They were very interested in hearing about all the riding I’ve been doing and hearing about what my life is like on the bike.  We spoke about many other things as well.

On Sunday I felt good so I went on the more moderate paced group ride.  About half the group was on the same ride I did on Saturday.  We all were tired from the day before and some of us weren’t sure why.  The ride was good and we went on a challenging hill that I’ve never done before, one that I was afraid of.  I’m glad I finally did it.  It was steep but fairly short.  I want to try it again with fresh legs to see how I do.  

We went to the mall later in the day after relaxing a bit.  I hurt more when I’m resting and walking.  When I’m riding is the only time I’m not in pain.  We looked in a few stores.  I treated myself to some panties at the Victoria’s Secret to make myself feel better from falling off of my bike.  That always makes me feel better.

I’m so lucky to have so many positive people in my life.  The guys took great care of me and my bike when I fell and checked in on me to make sure I was alright.  My sweetie was there to help me after and continues to help me with everything I could possibly need. Life is pretty damn good. 

2 thoughts on “This Past Weekend (July 7-8)

  1. Your grit, determination and positive focus are inspirational to those around you. Glad that after 10 days, you’re clearly not suffering any effects from the crash that may have been hidden initially.

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