This Past Weekend (July 14-15)



On Friday I started feeling better so I went to the gym before work.  After work I wanted to ride but I was advised against anything strenuous.  My sweetie and I decided to go for a ride.  I wanted to teach him shifting for a while but he wasn’t ready to learn.  This time he asked me how… in not so many words.  I showed him the levers on his right side.  He tried using them but got confused as to which levers made the resistance easier and harder.  That’s when I told him his thumb is up the hill, his finger is down.  That clicked.  Prior to this ride his longest was 12 miles.  I offered him options on shorter distances but he decided to do the full path with me, 17 miles.  We took a break at the turn around point.  We took another break when we were stopped at the drawbridge.  We chatted with people that were also stuck there, it was a lot of fun.  After the bridge he was in the lead and was going faster and shifting gears.  I didn’t say anything.  I rode behind him and let him focus and do his thing.  I’m always surprised by the end of our rides at the progress he’s making in a short period of time.

On Saturday I was feeling good but not completely better.  I decided to do the more moderate group ride.  One of the more experienced race team members led the ride and introduced us to the rotating paceline.  I had seen this in a clip on FB so I was interested in trying it.  It was good because it was a collective group effort rather than one person doing all of the pulling.  I’m riding stronger, making gains, and keeping it together in some of the places I used to fall apart.

After the ride I had my monthly massage.  I would love to do it more often but I can’t afford it.  I was so tense from this past week that my therapist made use of the full session instead of adding in the time to get ready.  Out of respect for the favor, I got ready quickly so the next person wouldn’t be delayed any further.  I feel a lot better.

After the massage my sweetie took me on a nice walk at the Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve.  I had never been there and he really wanted to take me there as he knew I would love it.  I was so excited that I used the Strava app and logged the activity.  We walked 2.6 miles.  The views were amazing.  There were farm animals there and the chicken coop had great music.  I really enjoy staying active.  I never really cared for walking before but I really enjoy walking through nature.

On Sunday I woke up and heard the sound of rain.  It was supposed to end early in the morning but it rained until mid morning.  I wasn’t in the mood to ride on wet roads and even less in the mood to clean my bike.  I had plans in the afternoon so I made the most of my time by doing wind training on the bike path.  A friend met me there.  I explained that I was doing wind training so he didn’t pull me unless I asked but I didn’t ask.  The path was dry.  The headwind was going at 20mph.  I did well though.  I used as much power as I could while keeping my cadence even.  I wound up with an average of 18.1mph over 21 miles.

It was a great weekend.  I feel much better from crashing last week and being sick.  I feel confident that I can resume normal training this week.  I learned new things and saw new places this weekend.  I enjoyed spending time with my friends and my sweetheart.  I surround myself with great people and I’m really enjoying life.

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