The Weather Inside



I hear the rain outside my window and I start to dread the workout ahead.  I’ve been so spoiled with the long, beautiful days.  I was supposed to do an indoor hour a week but that went out the window with all the summer heat.  Now I’m faced with the choices.  I can stay at home in my state of the art pain cave or I can sweat it up at the gym.  Truth be told I miss the beautiful vistas of Watopia.  I’m looking forward to virtual racing.  I may even raise my threshold temperature as many more gains can be made from my cozy warm pain cave.  I no longer view it as a prison sentence.  I can spend hours on end giving ride ons.  I’ve learned my lesson about skipping my intervals and I look forward to making it all right with my body.  As my body gets stronger so will my mind and soul.  If you don’t see me on the group ride, just know that I’m making many more gains inside.

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